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Weiss USA is a subsidiary of Weiss Germany

With more than 40 years of experience working with the leading manufacturers of aluminum and vinyl window and doors in Europe, Weiss USA was founded to offer North America our adhesive products. Our goal is to offer a complete family of products for many application in the window and door manufacturing as well as other industrial processes. 

As one of the oldest adhesive manufacturers within Europe, founded in 1815, Weiss offers a wide range of adhesives, special cleaners and composite panels for different fields of applications. For nearly two centuries Weiss Chemie + Technik has combined knowledge in manufacturing of adhesives with the most modern technological and material know how to provide customers with technical adhesion solutions. Weiss Chemie customers not only benefit from our success and innovations, but customer service, flexibility, one-on-one consultations and reliability as well.

Weiss Chemie + Technik headquarters in Haiger, Germany
Lab adhesives
test lab for adhesives
Robot production adhesives
Prodcution instant glues
Filling line production adhesives
Dissolver production adhesives
storage adhesives glues cleaners
Presses for composite panels
Fully automatic restack portal for composite panels
Fully automatic packaging system
Mobile high bay storage facility for composite panels