Composite Panels




Adhesives for surface bonding in the composite production

In the production of sandwich panels the use of different technologies during the application of the adhesive and the use of a multitude of materials or material combinations calls for very specific requirements for adhesives. To support you in your individual production process by selecting the right adhesive, we have developed numerous systems with various properties when it comes to viscosity, thixotropy, processing and pressing times.

If, nonetheless, we cannot find the right adhesive for your specific application, we will offer you a very special service. We develop adhesives tailored exactly to your individual tasks for an even more efficient, solid and trouble-free production process.


PUR flowing adhesive PU-160.120

COSMO® PU-160.120

1-part PUR adhesive

Powerful surface adhesive with flowing properties and with a particularly long open time and hard and tough adhesive joint.


PUR Surface Adhesive PU-220.120

COSMO® PU-220.120

2-part PUR adhesive

Surface adhesive with very high tensile shear strength , high bonding strength and excellent properties on absorbent substrates.


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