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Composite panels for the construction industry, industry and trade

During the selection process of finding a suitable composite panel, our competent team of engineers and sales people will be at your disposal.

Currently, our range of composite panels includes more than 5,000 variants all made exclusively from high-quality material components and bonded with a proven long-term adhesive system ensuring quality, robustness, and durability.

The various top coats and core materials available also allow for a vast number of creative designs ensuring the finished composite panel is as desired.

As a member of the ift (Institut für Fenstertechnik) the panels offered are regularly put through a battery of tests, ensuring their heat- and noise-insulating properties and/or their penetration resistance is of the utmost quality and safety.


COSMO THERM - Heat insulation composite panels

Heat insulation composite panels

For years our composite panels, regardless of their material surfaces, those being, plastic, aluminum, or wood, have been proven and remain successful.

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COSMO PROTECT - Burglar/penetration-resistive composite panels

Burglar/penetration-resistive composite panels

Referring to their object-protecting characteristics penetration-resistive sandwich elements are to be classified in a higher level than glazing with resistance to thrown objects (manual attack).

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COSMO Silent

Sound-insulating composite panels

Noise is a problem of our modern time. Our environment becomes increasingly noisier. Therefore, it is an important task, to reduce noise pollution effectively to a minimum. We took up this challenge and developed a series of sandwich elements that have special noise control characteristics in addition to outstanding heat insulation. 

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COSMO DESIGN Composite panels

Grooved composite panels

We are offering sandwich elements with milled top coats made of plywood, aluminium, PVC compact panels or HPL-high-pressure laminated panels with different milling patterns in accordance with the design overview.

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COSMO TECH - Individual composite panels

Individual composite panels

With our COSMO Tech composite panels we are offering a range of solutions which meet special requirements.

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COSMO® Frame Frame widening elements

Frame widening elements

Thermally insulated composite panels for widening the profile in window construction.

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Certified quality

Weiss exclusively supplies composite panels of the utmost quality. Our cooperation with test institutions such as ift Rosenheim, MPA NRW* and CSTB**, all ensure the quality of panels currently offered remains consistent.

Quality composite panels