Fast setting instant glues

The solvent-free one-component, fast-setting instant glues made by Weiss especially feature high universality and support you efficiently in all processes where they especially depend on fast and powerful bonding.

The most difficult material connections which, in the past, could only be achieved by complex bonding processes with long pressing and rest times, can now be performed with our highly-modern CA-adhesives within seconds and are immediately ready for the next production process.

Nearly all conventional materials, e.g. metals, many types of plastic, elastomers, wood, leather, ceramics, stone and many more, can be bonded with high strength, to be safe and age-resistant using the COSMO fast-setting instant glues.


COSMO® CA-500.110

CA instant glue

Super-fast cyanoacrylate adhesive with wide adhesive spectrum for applications in trade and industry.

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Instant glue CA-500.120

COSMO® CA-500.120

CA instant glue

Universal instant glue with very high strength.

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Instant glue CA-500.120

COSMO® SP-840.110

CA-Primer for polyolefin

Adhesion promotion for bonding of TPE- and silicone seals with COSMO® CA‑adhesives

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CA-accelerator COSMO SP-860.120

COSMO® SP-860.120


Controlled accelerated curing of COSMO® CA‑adhesives

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