Application technology

Application-specific advice for composite panels

Finding of professional and innovative solutions is one our objectives at Weiss. In close cooperation with our customers we create solutions that are customised for the respective range of applications. Our highly motivated team of materials testers and application engineers with long-term experience in the fields of materials science and building physics would be pleased to be on hand with advice for you.

Our service and advisory performances 

  • Individual element construction¬†
  • Selection of materials in accordance with construction-physical requirements and conditions
  • Application-specific material components
  • Project-related proposals for solutions

Our testing capabilities

  • Storage at alternating climate
  • 3-point bending rigidity
  • Perpendicular tensile strength
  • Colour measurement
  • Storage in water
  • Determination of U-values
  • Material test

Furthermore, we are working together with famous testing institutes for fire protection and sound insulation.