Anticorrosive sealing compound COSMO HD-100.411

Anticorrosive sealing compound

COSMO® HD-100.411

COSMO® HD-100.411 is the effective protection against corrosion for all aluminium cutting edges (confirmed by test report of ILAK, Wettenberg and is used e.g. for different sealings, such as miter cuts, butt bonding of middle- and frame support connections in the aluminium-windows, -door- and –façade construction as well as in the rolling gate production.

No chance for corrosion!
In order to obtain that the aluminium cutting edges do not corrode, you have to protect them effectively against air and humidity. COSMO® HD-100.411 comes into action exactly in this area and effectively seals interconnected miter cuts and therefore, prevents corrosion from penetrating behind the profile coatings/powder-coatings (filiform corrosion).COSMO® HD-100.411 is thixotrope, hardens up without shrinking and does not does not influence the hardening properties of adhesives parallelly used, e.g. at bonding corner angles. It possesses, when hardened, an elastic, UV-colour resistant and weather-proof sealing joint. (The tightness – water column of 140 mm – has been confirmed after dynamic load (SS 818141) and after load under changing climate.


  • Very low emission
  • Easily applicable, for instance, with foamed roll or spreaderElastic adhesive joint
  • Thixotropic, does not drop off
  • Solventfree
  • Not foaming
  • Joint filling
  • Low shrinkage
  • Does not impact the curing behaviour of other adhesives which are processed in parallel
  • Compensates the expansion of different materials
  • Good weather resistance outdoors
  • Good UVstability
  • Can be overcoated
  • with many paint systems
  • Can subsequently be powdercoated (annealing temperatures ≤ +180 °C)


Effective protection against corrosion
test report of ILAK, Wettenberg
Salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227

*Classified in the EMICODE class EC1 PLUS in compliance with the criterions of the GEV.
Licence No.: 7872

Technical information

1-part moisture-crossed-linked
terminated polymer

Flowing property

Film property

low-viscous – paste-like

Alu-PE film tube bag with recloseable tip, net weight: 150 g (5.3 oz)
310 ml (10.48 fl oz) PE-Euro cartridge
Other trading units on request.


Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

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