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Industrial Cleaners

Our cleaning agents are solvent based and are available in various concentrations to meet the unique demands for any contamination and cleaning tasks.

PVC-cleaner, strong dissolving COSMO CL-300.110

COSMO® CL-300.110

PVC-cleaner, strong dissolving

Strong dissolving smoothening agent for PVC-hard.

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PVC-cleaner COSMO CL-300.120

COSMO® CL-300.120

PVC-cleaner, slightly dissolving

Slightly dissolving cleaning agent for non-transparent thermo- and durosetting plastics.

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Plastics-cleaner COSMO CL-300.140


Plastics-cleaner, non-dissolving

Non-dissolving cleaner with anti-static agent.

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COSMO BIOBASED CL-300.900 Biobased intensive cleaner


Biobased intensive cleaner

The environmentally friendly solvent cleaner for intensive cleaning of plastics and metals, from 80 % renewable resources.

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Special cleaner COSMO CL-300.150

COSMO® CL-300.150

Special cleaner

Non-dissolving, mild smelling special cleaner for powder-coated and anodised surfaces.

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COSMO CL-340.150 Solvent-based special cleaner, non-flammable

COSMO® CL-340.150

Solvent-based special cleaner, non-flammable

Removal of fresh adhesive residues, residues of protective film, marking pencil, fresh PUR foam and fresh sealant residues, tar/bitumen spots.

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Special cleaner CL-350.110

COSMO® CL-350.110

Special cleaner

Abrasive intensive cleaner without any solvent for the cleaning of PVC-hard white and anodised aluminium as well as for the cleaning of other smooth surfaces, mainly surfaces made of plastic materials.

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