Special cleaner COSMO CL-300.150

Special cleaner

COSMO® CL-300.150


Cleaner for powder-coated and anodised surfaces, quickly drying. Removes fresh adhesive residues from the corner angle bonding, dust, adhesive remainders from protection foils, wax pencil, rubber traces, fresh PUR-foam and fresh remainders
of sealing compounds, as well as tar- and bitumen splashers.


  • non-dissolving
  • good compatibility with a lot of different lacquered surfaces
  • suitable for powder-coated and anodised aluminium- and PUR-profiles
  • mild smelling
  • quickly drying

Technical information

mixed aliphatic hydrocarbons

1000ml metal bottle,
10l, 30l metal canister,
200l metal bunghole drum

Technical data sheet
Safety data sheet


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