Advertising Industry


Adhesives for bonding in the advertising business

In the advertising business the multitude of different materials that shall be combined with each other is particularly vast. The sign and neon sign business, for instance, uses attractive, high-quality optical composites to create advertising carriers, e.g. for trade fairs. Whether instant, highly solid, point by point adhesions, assembly or large surface adhesions, Weiss always has the right adhesive for your application.

Adhesives for cold welding

1-part assembly sealing substance SL-660.150

COSMO® SL-660.150

1-part assembly sealing substance

Elastic diffusion adhesive for the joint sealing for gaps with a width of up to 7 mm.


PVC-Adhesive SL-660.230


PVC adhesive

Fast structural bonding of rigid PVC parts


Surface Adhesivses

PUR flowing adhesive PU-160.120

COSMO® PU-160.120

1-part PUR adhesive

Powerful constructional adhesive with flowing properties and with a particularly long open time and hard and tough adhesive joint.


PUR Surface Adhesive PU-220.120

COSMO® PU-220.120

2-part PUR adhesive

Surface adhesive with very high tensile shear strength , high bonding strength and excellent properties on absorbent substrates.


Assembly Adhesives

PUR assmbly adhesive PU-100.110

COSMO® PU-100.110

1-part PUR assembly adhesive

The traditional one

Very strong professional assembly adhesive with a particularly quick reaction time for reliable and long-lasting assemblies of constructional solid bonding.


1-C-MS-Adhesive HD-100.400

COSMO® HD-100.400


The multi-talent

A very good consistency characterizes this flexible all-purpose sealing adhesive with high breaking elongation


1-C-MS-Adhesive HD-150.160

COSMO® HD-150.160


The transparent

Transparent adhesive sealant with good UV-stability and minimal yellowing.


Instant glues

Instant glue CA-500.120

COSMO® CA-500.110

CA instant glue

Super-fast cyanoacrylate adhesive with wide adhesive spectrum for applications in trade and industry.


Instant glue CA-500.120

COSMO® CA-500.120

CA instant glue

Universal instant glue with very high strength.


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