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Adhesives for industrial bonding applications

Adhesives for industrial purposes have a particularly broad range of applications. For this segment we therefore offer a comprehensive product portfolio of filled and unfilled 1-part and 2-part systems with various properties with different adjustments, e.g. of viscosity and reaction time.

Our adhesives show excellent bonding properties on various materials such as hard PVC, glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP), ALU, HPL, wood and insulation materials (e.g. PUR, PS foam and mineral wool), securing friction-locking and permanent adhesion. We also offer products which may be used for sealing adhesions.

Our adhesives may be supplied in various packing variations, such as e.g. cartridges, tubular bags, bottles, hobbocks, canisters, drums and containers.

PUR Adhesive
PUR Adhesive
Hybrid Adhesives
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