bonding wood furniture

Adhesives for bonding in the woodworking and furniture industry

There is hardly an industrial sector with such deep roots in tradition as the woodworking and furniture industry, which solidly and permanently laminate their products with adhesives. In relation to the value of the finished product the adhesive signifies only a rather small portion of the calculated production costs. Place your trust in the quality of Weiss products and do not accept any compromise.

Apart from the classic PVAc dispersion adhesives, we offer tried and true polyurethane adhesives, which, in addition to their D3 or D4 properties, also comply with the prerequisites of WATT 91. On top of that, we expanded our selection of adhesives in this segment with highly advanced STP and MS type adhesives.


PUR assmbly adhesive PU-100.110

COSMO® PU-100.110

1-part PUR assembly adhesive

The traditional one

Very strong professional assembly adhesive with a particularly quick reaction time for reliable and long-lasting assemblies of constructional solid bonding.


PUR assembly adhesive PU-160.110

COSMO® PU-160.110

1-part PUR adhesive

Powerful constructional adhesive with flowing properties and a hard and tough glued joint for the bonding of different material surfaces.


PUR flowing adhesive PU-160.120

COSMO® PU-160.120

1-part PUR adhesive

Powerful constructional adhesive with flowing properties and with a particularly long open time and hard and tough adhesive joint.


1-C-MS-Adhesive HD-100.400

COSMO® HD-100.400


The multi-talent

A very good consistency characterizes this flexible all-purpose sealing adhesive with high breaking elongation


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