COSMO CL-340.150  Solvent-based special cleaner, non-flammable

Special cleaner

COSMO® CL-340.150

Solvent-based special cleaner. Mild odour during processing.


  • Cleaning of lacquered surfaces in the plastic and metal processing industry
  • Removal of not cured residues of different adhesive systems
  • Cleaning of several, not transparent thermo-plastic and duroplast plastic material in the different industrial applications
  • Window and door construction for cleaning of the powdercoated and anodized aluminium and PUR sections
  • Cleaning of PVC hard white and aluminium-anodized surfaces, as well as for cleaning other smooth, mainly plastic surfaces
  • Removal of dust, adhesive residues of the protective film, marking pencil, rubber residues, fresh PUR foam


  • Non-flammable (No GHS02 „Flame“- labelling required)
  • Non-dissolving
  • Mild to surfaces
  • Mild odour during processing

Technical information

Mixed aliphatic hydrocarbons

1000ml metal bottle

Technical data sheet

Stamp non flammable

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