Instant glue CA-500.110

Instant glue

COSMO® CA-500.110


Only a few drops of this super-fast instant glue suffice for most applications in order to achieve powerful assemblies. The practical PE-bottles make possible a dot-like accurate application of the adhesive onto the parts to be bonded.

Thanks to its wide adhesive spectrum, COSMO® CA-500.110 is suitable for a lot of different materials for many application fields in trade and industry and is mainly qualified for the bonding of diverse rubber- and PVC-surfaces (is excellent e.g. in the window manufacturing for the bonding of EPDM-seals and profile joints).


  • particularly short setting times
  • very high bonding strength
  • hard glued joint
  • the substrates are good wetted
  • quick initial adhesion to continue assembly work
  • different viscosities and setting times possible
  • good outdoor weather resistance
  • high cold- and heat resistance
  • very good stability against UV
  • bonding of EPDM-elastomers
  • suitable to bond a lot of plastic materials, metals and wood, as well as other porous surfaces
  • solvent-free


  • EPDM-sealing in the window manufacturing (e.g. mitre cuts, butt joints with each other and PVC-hard- and aluminium profiles).
  • processing of plastic materials, elastomers, rubber
  • toy industry
  • optical industry
  • jewellery industry
  • sealing technique
  • wastewater technology
  • metal construction
  • vehicle manufacturing, aircraft construction and shipbuilding
  • leather- and shoe industry, orthopaedics
  • advertising technique and industry
  • medical engineering / dental technology
  • electrical and electronic industry
  • production of household appliances

Technical information


Film property


PE-bottle, net weight: 20 g (0.71 oz)
PE-bottle, net weight: 50 g (1.76 oz)
PE-bottle, net weight: 500 g (17.6 oz)
Other trading units on request.


Dosing cap or dosing tip
for 20g- and 50 g bottles

Capillary nozzle
for exact fine dosing

Primer COSMO® SP-840.110
as bonding layer for bonding surfaces that are difficult to bond

AcceleratorCOSMO® SP-860.120
for controlled spontaneous hardening of the adhesive joint


Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

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