PUR assmbly adhesive PU-100.110

1-part PUR assembly adhesive

COSMO® PU-100.110


The traditional one

COSMO® PU-100.110 is the ideal solution for nearly all current constructional bonding applications. Even at extreme load, you achieve safe and durable assemblies of your jointing components, both in handcraft as well as in the industrial field.

Compared with the customary competition, COSMO® PU-100.110 e.g. offers the following properties:

  • very quick full hardening, also of 4 mm thick adhesive bead
  • viscoplastic and resistant glued joint instead of brittle-rigid junctions
  • bubble-free and homogenous structure of the adhesive film


  • D4-properties / WATT 91
  • obtains (at bonding wood/wood) the strain group D4 according to EN 204 as well as WATT 91
  • is tested and approved (Dallas Laboratories, Texas, USA) for ASTM D-3498, ASTM C-557 and AFG-01


  • front door cassettes
  • laminate bonding
  • metal window construction
  • fixing signs
  • baseboards
  • staircase steps
  • tiles
  • pergolas / carports
  • general repair and assembly bonding
  • fixation of props for the mounting of raised floors
  • different applications in handcraft and industry


  • wide adhesion spectrum to a lot of building materials
  • easy handling
  • very quick full hardening
  • excellent bonding strength on different wood and construction materials, ceramics, metals, duro- and thermoplastics· high bonding strength· odourless
  • gap filling
  • viscoplastic adhesive joint
  • can be sanded and painted
  • high weather resistance
  • thermosetting adhesive joint
  • heat resistance up to +110°C
  • NEW: Extended storage stability to 24 months

Technical information

1-part moisture cross-linked PUR, solvent-free

Film property

medium viscosity – paste-like


310 ml (10.48 fl oz) PE-Euro cartridge
600 ml (20.29 fl oz) Alu/PP-tube bag
200l barrel Metal clamping ring drum with inliner
other trading units on request

Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

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