PUR Assembly adhesive PU-100.130

1-part PUR assembly adhesive

COSMO® PU-100.130


The pro for metal

COSMO® PU-100.130 is a solvent-free, gap-filling and multipurpose one-part polyurethane assembly adhesive with quick reaction time and viscous elastic adhesive joint. This adhesive is mainly used for the bonding of aluminium corner angles in the window and door manufacturing and is also suitable for different kinds of constructional and assembly bonding.


  • corner angle bonding in the aluminium window manufacturing
  • tested by the ift-Rosenheim with test report no. 50933381 of 25th April 2007 „Examination of tensile strengths of bonded frame edges of aluminium compound profiles“.


    • For universal use.
    • Aluminium window and door manufacturing for bonding of corner connectors.
    • Window and door construction.
    • Stair construction and building trade.
    • With many assembly bonding processes.
    • Diverse industrial fields.


    • Tough-elastic adhesive joint
    • Solvent-free
    • Thixotropic, does not drop off
    • Expands (foams) during the curing process!
    • Joint filling
    • Fast and homogeneous, full hardening
    • Good adhesion characteristics to several types of wood, and building material, ceramics, metal, duroplast and thermoplastic after appropriate preparation of the surface.
    • If wood is glued, it achieves the durability class D4 as per DIN EN 204.
    • Can be over-coated with many paint systems
    • Can be ground when hard-dry
    • NEW: Extended storage stability to 24 months

    Technical information

    1-part moisture cross-linked PUR, solvent-free

    Film property
    viscous elastic

    medium viscosity – paste-like

    (grey or black on request)

    310 ml (10.48 fl oz) PE-Euro cartridge
    600 ml (20.29 fl oz) Alu/PP-tube bag
    1 000 ml (33.81 fl oz) PE-Euro cartridge

    Technical data sheet

    Safety data sheet

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