PUR flowing adhesive PU-160.190

1-part PUR adhesive

COSMO® PU-160.190


COSMO® PU-160.190 has a wide adhesion spectrum and is used as surface adhesive in a lot of industry fields.

This adhesive is particularly suitable for the bonding of different material surfaces, e.g. PVC-hard, glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GKF, grinded), aluminium, high pressure laminate (HPL) etc. onto diverse insulating materials like PUR- and PS-foam and mineral wool.


  • good weather resistance
  • good resistance to thermal distortion
  • can be painted after the hardening up
  • foaming
  • obtains, during the wood/wood bonding, the strain group D4 according to EN 204 as well as WATT 91


  • Different industrial applications, e.g. in the wood processing and for the production of front doors

Technical information

1-component moisture cross-linked PUR, solvent-free

Film property
hard and tough, foaming


PE-bottle, net weight: 500 g (17.6 oz)
PE-canister, net weight: 10 kg (22 lb)
Metal clamping ring drum with inliner, net weight: 220 kg
(485 lb)
Other trading units on request.

Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

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