Biobased Adhesives




Biobased adhesive COSMO DS-470.900

Bio based adhesive sealant for vapor-proof barriers

COSMO® DS 470.900

Examples for Application

  • For permanently elastic, airtight bonding of joints, structural connections and overlaps, sealing of diffusion barriers,vapour-proof barriers and sealing films in dry construction (except swimming pools) in accordance with the energy saving regulation EnEV 2016
  • Bonding/Sealing of diffusion-tight and moisture diffusing seal tapes with window and door assembly

Special Properties

  • Contains 47 % bio-based carbon content
  • Very gut application at low temperatures
  • Very low emission*
  • Permanently elastic self-adherent adhesive joint
  • Thixotropic, does not drop off
  • Solvent-free
  • Very fast functional strength
  • Can be used without contact pressure lath in accordance with DIN 4108-7 (2011-01) for joints and connections with new building and refurbishment measures.
  • It meets the requirements as per DIN EN 4108-11
  • Excellent adhesion to the most varying building materials (stone, concrete, plaster, floor screed, dry lining boards, wood and diverse metals) as well as to the films in question
  • Achieves the required air-tight connections/final sealings of building envelops
  • Bonding of films, window joint tapes, on slightly humid, dusty and absorbent substrates high adhesive strength after complete curing time no corrosion caused on metals


Certificates / Test reports

Certification scheme biobased products
Biobased carbon content: 47 % (ASTM D 6866:2012-01)
Registration Number: 8C092

*Classified in the EMICODE class EC1 PLUS in compliance with the criterions
of the GEV.
Licence No.: 7118
French VOC-Emission class A+
Technical Data

Technical information

medium viscous-pasty

Film property
permanent elastic, self-adhesive

medium viscous-pasty

310 ml PE-Euro cartridge
600 ml Alu/PP-tube bag
Other trading units on request.


Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

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