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Biobased adhesive COSMO PU-100.900

Biobased PUR assembly adhesive

COSMO® PU-100.900

The sustainable one


Certification scheme biobased products
Biobased carbon content: 26 % (ASTM D 6866:2012-01)
Registration Number: 8C093

ift Rosenheim
If wood is glued to wood, it achieves the durability class D4 as per DIN EN 204.
Test report No.: 16-002930-PR01 of 01.12.2016

ift Rosenheim
If wood is glued to wood, it achieves a heat resistance as per DIN EN 14257 (WATT 91) of 7,5 N/mm2
Test report No.: 16-002930-PR02 of 01.12.2016
French VOC-Emission class A+


  • For universal use.
  • Aluminium window and door manufacturing for bonding of corner connectors
  • Window and door construction.
  • Board joint bonding of cassettes in the wood, window and front door area.
  • Stair construction and building trade.
  • With many assembly bonding processes.
  • With laying of skirting and laminate.
  • Fixation of struts for double floorings.
  • Fixation of signs.
  • Diverse industrial fields.


  • Contains 26 % bio-based carbon content
  • Semi-hard adhesive joint
  • Solvent-free
  • Thixotropic, does not drop off
  • Compatible with natural stone
  • Expands (foams) during the curing process!
  • Joint filling
  • Particularly fast reaction time
  • Homogeneous curing
  • Very short pressing times
  • Good adhesion characteristics to several types of wood, and building material, ceramics, metal, duroplast and thermoplastic after appropriate preparation of the surface.
  • Good bonding strength
  • Good bonding strength at heat
  • Good weather-proofness
  • Can be over-coated with many paint systems
  • Can be ground when hard-dry

Technical information

1-C-humidity-cross-linking polyurethane. Contains 26 % bio-based carbon content

Film property
semi-hard adhesive joint

medium viscous-pasty

310 ml cartridge, 600 ml Alu/PP-tube bag

Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

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