1-part assembly sealing substance SL-660.150

Assembly sealing substance

COSMO® SL-660.150


This assembly sealing substance is particularly suitable for the quick constructional bonding of PVC-hard plastic materials and has furthermore a wide adhesion spectrum to a lot of different materials, e.g. PVC-hard, powder-coated aluminium or diverse building materials. COSMO® SL-660.150 excels with its good weathering- and UV-stability thanks the properties of durability, non-ageing and viscoplasticity of the adhesive film.

Compared with usual PVC-diffusion adhesives, it has a lower shrinkage behaviour and is therefore suitable for a joint sealing with a width of up to 7 mm.


  • wide adhesion spectrum
  • gap-filling for a joint of up to 7 mm width
  • elastic glued joint
  • high initial adhesion
  • high bonding strength
  • very good weathering- and UV-stability


  • In the PVC window manufacturing, for the bonding of additional profiles like weather-boarding, water bars, blind components, etc., and also to bond cover caps, drainage, protection stripes for shutters into PVC-profiles, as well as for the sealing of cross-bar (in T) connections.
  • Bonding of cover-/end caps onto PVC-hard profiles, e.g. stakes.
  • In the exhibition and label production, for the constructional bonding of PVC-hard integral foam plates with diverse materials.

Technical information

diffusion adhesive, thermoplastic polymers in solvents

Film property

medium-viscosity – paste-like

310 ml (10.48 fl oz) PA cartridge
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Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

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