1-C-MS-Adhesive HD-100.400


COSMO® HD-100.400

The multi-talent

A very good consistency characterizes this flexible all-purpose sealing adhesive with high breaking elongation.

The cured COSMO® HD-100.400 has an elastic joint with good UV-stability and weather-resistance. It can be used to glue skirtings, butt joints or finishing profiles as well as many other application on diverse substrates.

COSMO® HD-100.400 can be integrated in many processes thanks to its good paintable and low shrinkage.


  • Assembly bonding, general
  • Skirting, laying of laminate and cable ducts
  • Stair construction and building trade, general
  • Bonding of façades (cassette) ­ sandwich elements
  • Glass bonding in furniture and display cabinet construction
  • Solar systems and wind power plants
  • Fixation of signs
  • Apparatus and plant construction
  • Used for bonding and sealing in automotive and vehicle body manufacture
  • Diverse industrial fields


  • Very low emission*
  • Elastic adhesive joint
  • Solvent­free
  • Compatible with mirror rear sides as per DIN EN 1036
  • Compatible with natural stone
  • Not foaming
  • Low shrinkage
  • Good adhesion characteristics to different surfaces
  • Surface can be smoothed well
  • High strength of adhesive joints
  • Compensates the expansion of different materials
  • Good weather resistance outdoors
  • Good UV­stability
  • Can be over­coated with many paint systems



ISEGA, Aschaffenburg
Can be used in the foodstuffs-related sector, for example for the jointing and bonding of wall and floor areas in companies which are preparing and processingfoodstuff.
Certificate of Compliance No.: 52142 U 20

ILAK, Institut für Lackprüfung
Salt spray test as per DIN EN ISO 9227
Test report No.: 9-5-18/2

*Classified in the EMICODE class EC1 PLUS in compliance with the criterions of the GEV.
Licence No.: 5020

Technical information

1-K-MS-Adhesive , solvent-free

Medium viscous­pasty

310 ml PE­Euro cartridge
600 ml Alu/PP­tube bag

white, black, grey


Technical data sheet

Technical Information for mirror bonding

Safety data sheet

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