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Adhesive sealants for “airproof bonding” application

The topic “airtightness of the building envelope” became more and more important over the years. Besides the constantly rising energy costs and the increasing environmental pollution the preservation of the building structure is comparably relevant to efficiently avoid expensive repair measures due to structural damage.

However the implementation of vapour barriers, window joint tapes and roof underlay sheets can only be effective if they are durably and reliable joined with the corresponding underground. COSMOPLAST “airproof bonding” achieves such permanent and tight assemblies for your necessary safety.

Testing standards

Our products are regularly tested and controlled according to the existing
DIN- and EN-standards. Moreover, we develop further test methods on special applications in close collaboration with system providers, expert committees and institutes whose criteria have to be fulfilled by the adhesives and sealing compounds additionally. Due to our engaged cooperation with research- and DIN-workshops, we play a significant role in the (issuing) creation of the respective requirements on the systems and test methods.

Windtight Bonding – outside

Why is it required to make the buildings windtight from the outside?

The wind- and rain-safe building envelope protects the insulation from rain, snow, and wind on the outside. The materials used as underroof, underceiling, undertrussing and façade sheets, as well as adhesives used for the sealing of the counter battens must durably be bonded in a wind- and rain-resistant way. Here, Weiss Chemie convinces by its compact product portfolio for the most diverse fields of application “around the roof” outdoors.

Airtight Bonding – inside

Why should the buildings be designed in an airtight way inside?

The airtight layer protects the insulation from humidity and dew water inside the building. Furthermore, it contributes its share that the function of the heat insulation is optimally fulfilled and maintained. The materials used, like vapour checks and barriers, sealing films and window joint tapes have only an effect when they are safely and durably connected with the respective substrate material. The adhesives made by Weiss used here form such strong and durable, tight connections and in this way, they provide for the necessary safety.


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Adhesives for Airproof bonding