Cosmo® Design Panels


Composite panels Plywood on both sides, PUR/AL core

Composite panels COSMO® Design – Plywood

Plywood on both sides, PUR/AL core

Special properties

  • Surfaces untreated
  • Surfaces sliced or peeled veneer
  • CFC- and HCFC-free

Top coats

  • Gabon B/BB, peeled veneer
  • Gabon A/BB, sliced veneer
  • Mahogany A/BB, sliced veneer
  • Pine A/BB, sliced veneer
  • Spruce A/BB, sliced veneer
  • Oak A/BB, sliced veneer

Technical information

Top coats

Core material
Polyurethane rigid foam (PUR), with ALU-film on both sides (50μ)

WLG (thermal conductivity group)

Standard size (mm)

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