cosmo® therm panels 


Composite panels COSMO Therm - HPL/HD / XPS / PVC

Composite panels COSMO® Therm – HPL/HD

HPL on one side, coated with decorative film, XPS core, PVC on rear side

Composite panels consisting of foiled high pressure laminated (HPL) and a PVC compact panel with a thickness of 2,0mm or 1,5mm and a core of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS).


  • UV- and weather resistant (HPL)
  • UV-resistant following the DIN EN ISO 4892 and specifications of RAL GZ 716/1 (PVC)
  • enhanced impact resistant (PVC)
  • weather resistant (PVC)
  • free of CFC and HCFC


  • window fillings
  • door fillings
  • balustrade panels
  • industrial door fillings
  • façade panels

Technical information

Surface panels
High-pressure laminated pannel (HPL)
PVC compact panel

Core material
Polystyrene foam (XPS)

Thermal conductivity

Thickness of surface panels (mm)
2,0 (1,5)

Compressive strength (N/mm²)

Panel thickness (mm)/
U-value *


Standard dimensions (mm)
2150×900, 3050×1150

Other dimension and variants upon request.

*calculated with λD according to DIN EN 13164, λB acc. to DIN 4108-4 upon request

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