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COSMO Therm - Quick Tape PUR

COSMO® Therm – Quick Tape

Adhesive film on both sides PUR-core

Quick Tape – the foam panel with self-adhesive film on both sides – allows for the fast and handy manufacturing of own composite panels without any need of a separate glue or adhesive system. Due to the sticky surface and the instant adhesion all panels made with Quick Tape can be used or processed immediately.

The width of 1,000 mm allows for full surface layer without any gaps in the foam and likely unevenness due to bumps in the cover layer caused by different foam tile thicknesses. The product is highly efficient, as Quick Tape residues can be used to nearly 100%.


  • rapid and holohedral bonding
  • extrem humidity resistant
  • immediate adhesion, fast use and easy handling
  • no bending of the skin materials on one side
  • no adhesive- or silicone-cartridges necessary
  • no dirty surfaces because of adhesives or silicone
  • panels can be processed directly after pressing
  • no bumps


  • clean skin material from loose particles, dust, oil and fatty residues”
  • remove protective film and apply skin sheet
  • apply pressure on top of the stack (approx. 2-3 N/cm²) – ready!


  • window fillings
  • door fillings
  • balustrade panels
  • industrial door fillings
  • façade panels
  • vehicle superstructures
  • automotive industry
  • container wall systems
  • medical technology

Technical information

Core material
Polyurethan foam (PUR)

Thermal conductivity

Compressive strength (N/mm²)

Panel thickness (mm)/U-value*
10/1,99   15/1,49   20/1,20
25/1,00   30/0,86   35/0,75
40/0,67   45/0,60   50/0,55

Standard dimensions (mm)
2000×1000, 3000×1000

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