COSMO PU Adhesives

Top performance for sophisticated applications

Bonding with PUR adhesive
PUR assmbly adhesive PU-100.110

The professional for assembly

COSMO PU-100.110

1-C-PUR Assembly Adhesive

Due to its wide range of application possibilities it is broadly applicable for bonding in assembly.

  • Fast curing

  • Bonding of wood (D4 + Watt 91)

  • High storage stability (24 months)

310 ml cartridge, 600 ml sachet, 300 kg drum


corner angle bonding
PUR Adhesive PU-200.181

The professional for corner angles

COSMO PU-200.280

2-C-PUR Reaction Adhesive

Aluminium window and door construction for bonding of corner connectors.

  • Tough-hard adhesive joint
  • Thixotropic, does not drop off
  • Good weather-resistance
  • Multiple colour variants

2 x 190 ml, 2 x 310 ml tandem cartridge

Aluminium window and door construction for bonding of corner connectors

2 x 190 ml und  2 x 310 ml Tandemkartusche


assembly bonding
PUR Assembly adhesive PU-100.130

The professional for metal

COSMO PU-100.130

1-C-PUR Assembly Adhesive

Especially suitable for bonding of metals.

  • Tough-elastic adhesive joint
  • Joint-filling
  • Can be painted over
  • Solvent-free

310 ml & 1,000 ml cartridge, 600 ml sachet